Labindia Healthcare in association with OSSimTech introduces the following range of products:
  • SimOrtho

      We bring to you Sim-Ortho™, one of the only few virtual reality (VR) orthopedic open-surgery simulators in the world, which is designed to supplement clinical training of medical students and residents. It challenges the users with preset clinical case scenarios, to carry out complex orthopedic procedures using a highly immersive 3D environment and generic mock-up surgical tools. It provides excellent sensory feedback and high fidelity haptic feedback so as to recreate real-life surgical experience. It further allows detailed evaluation of individual learning using feedback based on recorded training data. This is particularly useful to attain high level of proficiency and competitive advantage without involving patients.

     The platform consists of 4 modules: knee, spine, trauma, and tool handling. The first three modules contain an assortment of clinical cases to choose from; while the last module imparts training on manipulation of orthopedic tools.

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