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Acoustic airway clearance therapy

It is a unique electro-acoustic airway clearance device that is supereffective to remove mucus plugs inside lung alveoli. Unlike conventional devices based on mechanical vibrations, it sends acoustic waves at resonant frequencies to the lung tissues, causing them to vibrate at a great amplitude with low input energy. It is developed by a late Cystic Fibrosis patient for a Canadian company Dymedso.


  • Consists of control unit and treatment head (transducer + patient cap)
  • 3 different sized patient caps for adults, young adults, and children
  • Roll-stand or transport suitcase
  • Beneficiaries - ICU, NICU, PICU, COPD rehab center, homecare, ventilator weaning


  • Super-effective
  • Gentle application (1.8 N force vs 58.0 N for CPT)
  • No limitation of age or patient condition
  • Different sized adapters for patients of different ages
  • Easy to use and clean
  • No special training in breathing techniques Portable